Rally28TM?Fat Burner

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ACCELERATE YOUR WEIGHT LOSS with Rally28TM Fat Burner to burn more fat by replacing two meals a day with 360 Complete Shake instead of one. ?This kit also includes the Rally28TM base pack which helps you CURB CRAVINGS, FIGHT BELLY FAT AND BOOST ENERGY.

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Rally28TM Fat Burner Includes:

4 HealthTrim? 360 Complete Shakes

The additional 2 shakes in Rally28TM Fat Burner allows you to replace two meals daily. Delicious meal replacement with proprietary Craving-Control Technology which gives you balanced nutrition in your choice of two tasty flavors that helps you feel full and provides you with 21 grams of protein. ?Find out more about the 360 Complete Shakes.

2 HealthTrim Metabolic One

Fights stress eating naturally while controlling belly fat which also increases your metabolism. ?The proprietary adaptogen blend helps curb emotional & stress eating. ?Learn more about Metabolic One.1

HealthTrim Cleanse

Jump-start your fat loss journey as the cleanse supports the body’s ability to eliminate toxins. HealthTrim cleanse is a non-fasting, non-hunger cleanse that provides gentle and easy relief of occasional constipation.* See the benefits of Cleanse.

1 ENERGY Stick Pack

Power through fatigue with a natural energy-enhancing vitamin complex. ?This convenient hydration comes in 5 delicious flavors and does not contain sugar, synthetic caffeine or artificial colors or flavor. With this pack you’ll receive 30 servings of the flavor you choose!??Explore the flavors of Energy.

  • 1 BlenderBottle? ProStak? –
  • 1 Retractable Tape Measure
  • 1 Rally28 Success Guide -?Customized journal and tools to track your progress so that you learn the keys to success long term as you develop key habits for a healthy lifestyle.
Mark “Coach P” Paulsen
Professional Strength & Conditioning Coach

“The hard truth is that there is no magic bullet weight loss pill. The return to sleep, exercise and nutrition is the right way to manage health and weight. The products in the Rally28 system each play an important role in?supporting the body and mind for long-term success.”

– Coach P.

John W. Buckner, MD
General Surgeon | Wellness Advisory Board Chairman

“In 25 years of practice and surgery, I’ve seen the health issues that can arise from not making health and weight management a priority. I tried Rally28 personally and I believe?this program is both effective and easy to follow. It’s not a fad diet. This can be the beginning of true healthy change.”

– Dr. Buckner


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